About us

The word 'SOIGNÉ' comes from french, meaning 'elegantly maintained or designed'. In the 19 century, it first appeared in English, to describe things like an elegant wardrobe, a fancy restaurant etc. An article of Josh Patner used 'SOIGNÉ' to describe fashion designer Donna Karan: "Though her name is really pronounced 'Karen,' people said it with a glamorous continental inflection; it suited their image of a fashion designer: aloof, soigné, different from you and me." 

SOIGNÉ ME is a fashion brand for women who want simple, functional and wallet friendly design. Mico and Eva would like to inspire women to dress for free and relaxed lifestyles both at work or on vacation. Our collection has oversized shape and detailed design to release the tightness of the traditional women's wear. The image behind the brand encourages the new generation of women to pursue an independent, rational and minimalist lifestyle.

Hope our products would shine your work and life.